On-Demand ceremony
Financial Freedom Cacao Ceremony

Join Mindy West as she guides you through the energetic shifts to create a life of financial freedom and prosperity in this FREE sacred cacao ceremony

  • Understand exactly how the energies of prosperity work, and bust through your top money blocks
  • ​Experience the FASTEST way to shift into abundance, together on our ceremony!
  • ​Clear and align your channels of prosperity, so money flows easily to you
  • ​Connect with the Spirit and energy of Cacao
*This is 100% FREE training, no credit card required.

Who is Mindy West?

Hi! I am a spiritual mentor and energy healer for entrepreneurs. I am also the owner of Love Cacao.

I have many interests, but my favorite thing at the moment is to blend spirituality, technology and business together. I am obsessing about the energetics of business. Just like people have a money mindset, so do businesses!

I LOVE money! And have since I was a kid (my parents tell me my first word was CASH). I love uncovering spiritual tricks to make more money with ease, and share them with my tribe. It’s my passion.

My favorite pastime is traveling. Whether it’s a weekend beach trip or months in the Amazon Jungle, I love adventure! There is so much to discover. I am especially curious when it comes to indigenous medicines and cultures. I can geek out for months learning about plant spirit medicines, especially Cacao.

I’m grateful that you’ve stumbled upon my work. Let’s begin this beautiful journey together.

Financial Freedom Ceremony
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